Active Involvement = Public Awareness!

It's been February half term break this week so I thought it would be worth while starting this blog post off with some pictures of the many activities that have taken place.

Pallet Bug Base Building

Sign Making

Bench Building
Two benches completed ready for installing at the Meadow... Four to go!
It's been a personally reflective time for me this week with The Meadow project. It has also certainly been eventful as the project has moved up a gear as spring quickly approaches.  Over half term I took the opportunity to book some holiday time away from my work.  It has also been an opportunity to tick a few of the Meadow jobs off the list. The increased pace of the project and my active involvement in the project has led me to fully recognise how physical volunteer activity can lead to raising the awareness in the community to the local issues and resources that are available.  On three separate occasions and three separate locations this week the activities have led to talking.  People passing by see the activity taking place resulting in questions being asked...This is then an opportunity to introduce members of the local community to the resources of the paths and cycle routes in our area together with the environmental benefits we are hoping to enhance through The Meadow project.

The week commenced with some bug base building and sign making for The Meadow site.   This was followed by the delivery of a serious amount of timber and some heavy duty cutting taking place.  Part of the timber is being transformed into sleeper benches and the remaining pieces are to be used as Monolith sign posts and display boards.  If you are available over the coming weeks, any assistance that can be offered with the installation of the benches and signs would be greatly appreciated...please let me know when you might be available and I can try and make arrangements to organise some activity... email me

The week concluded on Sunday the 19th of February 2017 as we ventured out on a rather drizzly morning.  Base camp was quickly pitched with the mission of installing the bug base and sign built through the week together with some of the purchased bird houses.  I'm keen to get as many of the bird houses in place for the beginning of march and the nesting season.

Base camp ready for installing the bug base and bird houses.

Installed and waiting for residents!

The list of opportunities for volunteer involvement continues in Merseyside North and the Meadow Project.  If you think you can assist, support or volunteer some of your time with any of the following activities, please do email me and let me know  I will do my utmost to arrange activities dates and times to be convenient and can supply the tools required for the task (I may also provide some fancy chocolate biscuits!).

Activities taking place over the coming weeks...
  • Bench installation
  • Sign post installation
  • Bird house installation
  • Bug Base building and installation
  • Path edging
  • Vegetation and bramble clearing
  • Wildflower seeding
  • Bush planting
  • Litter picking
  • And the always popular... Poop scooping (Don't worry...I have some long handled poop scoopers and plenty of poop bags).