Sefton Meadows Publicity on the Trail (Route 62)

A big thank you to all those who attended the Sefton Meadows area of the Trans Pennine Trail today. We were able to meet and greet current volunteers and highlight the NCN in our area to members of the public. Special thanks to Abigail and Kathryn for attending and providing information and leaflets that will be really useful for raising the profile of our volunteers in future activities.

Some of the visitors today at Sefton Meadows

Dug bringing Abigail up to date with some issues in the area.

Sefton Meadows, Maghull. Publicity Event on the 29th July 2015

On the 29th of July 2015 between 10.30am and 4pm, we'll have a publicity stand located on the Sustrans owned area of land at the Maghull area of the Cheshire Lines path, Route 62 and part of the Trans Pennine Trail.  This is behind the houses on Sefton Drive, next to Sefton Lane and near to the Sefton Meadows Garden Centre.

It would be good to see you there.  We'll have information on the local area, Sustrans, The Trans Pennine Trail and an opportunity to meet members of the volunteer group, ask questions or discuss issues.  It would be great for you to visit and perhaps you can even tie it in a cycle or walk along this beautiful section of Route 62 and the Trans Pennine Trail... hope you can make it!

ENGAGE the Trail

Photographer and Lecturer Using Pedal Power to Launch a New National Community Initiative. 

John Callaghan, a photographer and lecturer based in the North West of England has formed a photography collaboration project with the Trans Pennine Trail.  John is a keen cyclist, walker and volunteer group co-ordinator for the Trans Pennnine Trail and Sustainable Transport Charity, Sustrans. John also lectures on the photography degree programme at St Helens College, Merseyside. 

The Trans Pennine Trail is a national route for cyclists, walkers and in parts horse riders.  The route starts from Southport running through Merseysidedown to Widnes and then across towards Stockport, over the Pennines making its way to Barnsley.  From here you can travel north to Wakefield and Leeds, south to Sheffield and Chesterfield or continue onwards towards Doncaster, Hull and Hornsea on the East coast of the country. 

John with his interest in cycling, walking and professional background in photography brought together the idea of using photography to run creative, fun, learning activities out on the Trans Pennine Trail.  Titled 'ENGAGE the Trail', the aim of the initiative is to be mobile with the events taking place directly on the Trans Pennine Trail and visit the local communities that surround.  The equipment and resources will be transported using bicycle and public transport.  The belief is that the accessible nature of photography will allow a creative, expressive platform for the community participants to enhance and record their experience whilst on the Trail.  The imagery captured will be shared through exhibitions and in online posts forming a discussion and link between the diverse communities that the Trans Pennine Trail joins across the country. 

"People are often amazed to find out that they can travel from the Irish Sea across the country and reach the North Sea on mainly traffic free paths and Trails, it really is an amazing resource.  It's excellent whilst carrying out my volunteer role to see the enjoyment that people get from exploring the routes of the Trans Pennine Trail.  I believe ENGAGE the Trail is a way of bringing the public and communities attention to this resource that really is on their doorstep." 

On the 29th of June John launched a 45 day Kickstarter fundraising campaign to assist in raising funds to get the ENGAGE the Trail initiative rolling.  Through the online Kickstarter, financial support is offered from those who wish, after viewing the information and film clip about the project.  Rewards are offered in return for any support pledges given. 

"It's a good question to ask why people should pledge financial support for the project.  I'd like to think that people can see the community enhancement and value in the initiative.  I want to aim to provide the workshops and activities to the community members regardless of skill, talent or ability.  I want to provide a level platform and friendly environment where participants find personal value, confidence and enjoyment through the imagery they produce and their interaction with the Trans Pennine Trail environment." 

John continues... 

"We value and appreciate every ounce of support we can get which is why we have opted for the Kickstarter platform of fundraising.  With the Kickstarter we can offer rewards to show our appreciation in return for the pledges made.  We've also included the reward opportunity for any businesses that might be interested in an advertising with us.  In 2014 the Trans Pennine Trail had over 1.4 million visits made to its 370 miles of Trails and paths.  This in combination with it's online presence provides a real audience potential for the activities that, with your help, will be running in your local area and that you can participate in." 

The downside to Kickstarter is that it is an 'all or nothing' way of raising funds. John and the ENGAGE the Trail Initiative have 45 days to reach the funding goal.  If it is not reached, the project does not receive any of the funds.  For more information and to make a pledge, visit

find the link for the Kickstarter on the ENGAGE the Trail website .  If you have any questions about the ENGAGE the Trail Initiative, you can email John direct  

Check out exciting Trans Pennine Trail #photography project @engagethetrail with Sustrans Volunteer Group Co-ordinator John Callaghan

Brooms Cross Bike Ride

On the 14th of July many of the Merseyside North Volunteers attended a bike ride along the new Brooms Cross link road in Sefton.  It was a well organised and attended event.  Leaving from the L30 Community Centre in Netherton, we had the opportunity to explore the new road before it is open to vehicle traffic.  It was interesting to hear some of the facts and features of the new road.  It was also an opportunity to view some of the access features for cycling, walking and horse riding.  Well done to all those involved.