'Another Place' - Family Fun Day 29th August 2015

On the 29th of August 11am to 4pm, Sustrans and TPT publicity stall will be set up at the Crosby Leisure Centre as part of a family fun day celebrating 10 years of the Anthony Gormley's 'Another Place' Sculptures.

News and Activities Update

Thanks to Abigail, Mandy, Kathryn and Hannah, I now have 5 litter pickers, 5 refuse sack holders, 5 pairs of tough gloves, 2 hand/pruning saws, 2 Sustrans table cloths, 2 Sustrans feather flags and some bunting, a TPT zap stand banner and stacks of publicity leaflets, maps and merchandise... Some extra signing for our area has been ordered and... I think we're ready for some action!

  • Can I ask you all to keep your ears and eyes open for any events that might be worth us getting involved in with a publicity stand.  Let me know if you think of anything.  The recent pitch at Sefton Meadows and Lydiate Scouts Car boot sale went well with good interest shown by the visitors to the stand.  Updates and pictures are on our webpage.
  • I've put some dates on the calendar for activities... Saturday the 22nd of August I'll be pitching up a publicity stand again on the area of Sustrans land by Sefton Meadows between 1pm and 4pm.  It would be useful to have at least one person assist me during this time for general security reasons.  If you are available and can help out, could you let me know?  All are welcome to visit, bring a flask, snacks, stay and chat.  
  • On the 30th of August 10am-1pm, if you're available, join me in a leisurely cycle from the Mecycle cafe near Ainsdale train station and make our way onto the Cheshire Lines (Route 62/TPT) heading towards the old Lydiate station area.  This will be a maintenance activity of litter picking and general/basic clearing of path vegetation encroachment (Mainly brambles).  I can provide the tools listed above, but please feel free to bring along your own clippers if you prefer.  Again if you are able to come along, could you let me know in advance? (If the new signage arrives in time for this event, this will also be delegated as part of the activities).
  • The project I am running ENGAGE the Trail (The Trans Pennine Trail Community Photography Initiative) was sadly unsuccessful in achieving the funding goal in it's recent Kickstarter fundraising campaign.  It was well supported and the publicity that the project has received over the past month and a half has been awesome.  Although the project didn't achieve the funding goal, I am still hoping to form ENGAGE the Trail in the coming weeks.  I am carefully considering alternative funding options including sponsorship.  If anyone has any suggestions or contacts to potential avenues of sponsorship, it would be great to hear and really appreciated.

Ainsdale Discovery Centre

Thanks to Dug for informing me of the location, I recently made inquiries at the Ainsdale Discovery Centre.  Located just off Route 62/Trans Pennine Trail and easily accessible by foot, bike and public transport, this could be the perfect venue for some future meetings and events. 

Lydiate Scouts Car Boot Sale

The 8th of August had an early 5am cycle ride over a beautiful mist covered Sefton countryside. Destination was the Lydiate Scouts Car Boot Sale.  It was a well organised event.  Distribution of Sustrans and Trans Pennine Trail leaflets was well received and it was interesting to visit the car boot sale with only a bike and trailer.  With its close proximity to the Trans Pennine Trail/Route 62 It is certainly an event to visit in the future http://www.lydiatescouts.org.uk/fundraising/carbootsale/ .

Packed and ready to visit the Car Boot.
The Pitch with Sustrans and TPT leaflet stand.

Ainsdale to Maghull Route 62/810 Inspection

On Sunday the 2nd of November, Dug, Norman and I cycled from Ainsdale and followed the Trans Pennine Trail south along the Cheshire Lines towards Maghull.  This was an opportunity to ride some of the route 62 and observe some areas where issues have been reported or potential hazards exist.  I'm glad to say that with a small amount of attention, many of the issues can be addressed quite quickly particularly in relation to signing.  An order for some signage has been made and this will lead the way for some future activities for all volunteers in the coming weeks.

Dug and Norman at one of the 'problem' signs that moves with the wind often pointing across the fields or in completely the wrong direction!

An area of confusion for many Trail users? Junction at the Coastal Road to be addressed with the addition of some 'confirmation' signage.

Sefton Meadows area due to be cut back in the coming weeks.
New gate system at the rail crossing at the Fishermans Path, Formby.