29th January 2017 - A Frosty Start to New Years Activities

A fresh early start to today as Oliver and I ventured out to a frosty Meadow.  Mission was vegetation clearing and litter picking.  It's a good time of year to acknowledge and maintain some of the trees that have the potential to encroach on the path when the leaves start growing.


 Once the clearing was done, we continued to clear as much of the litter as we could... 3 bags of litter, a toy pram, pool table, refuse bin and a few odd bits and pieces.

Lots of work still to do so if you fancy some fresh air and would like to help support the project, please get in touch and come along to one of our future work days.

The Upcoming Months...

A belated happy new year,

Thank you to those of you who have been keeping us updated of issues on or around our local cycle routes and footpaths.  If you are out and about or do any maintenance, do keep us posted (TPT, Sustrans and myself).  I wanted to update you all with activities that are coming up for the Meadow site.   The Meadow site is clear (thanks to a number of volunteers and rather large group of scouts from the area) and wildflower seeds have been scattered.  Winter is assisting in keeping any weed growth away but unfortunately a small number of  inconsiderate dog walkers have been about.  Light fly-tipping and discarded litter has also taken place.  I'm keen to get things rolling again at the site and cleared up with the Meadow project due for completion.  The near by recycling centre have said that they will assist so litter picking is high on the agenda of activities.  I've 'pencilled in' the following activities for the coming months...

Sunday 29th Jan 2017. 10am-1pm Clearing vegetation around entrance areas to the site in preparation for planting.
Path edging and litter picking.
Saturday 4th Feb 2017. 1pm-3.30pm Photography Walk. Grab your walking boots and that new camera you got for
Christmas to join me in exploring the area around the Meadow.  The aim is to capture images that can potentially
be incorporated into artwork and signage on the Meadow site.  It’s also an opportunity to do a bit of litter picking whilst
we’re out.
Sunday 12th Feb 2017 10am-onwards.  Installing signage sleepers and benches.
Sunday 19th Feb 2017 10am-onwards.  Installing signage sleepers and benches.
Sunday 26th Feb 2017 10am-1pm General site maintenance, litter picking, bird table installation.
Sunday 5th March 2017 10am-1pm Clearing weed growth, planting.
Sunday 12th March 2017 10am-1pm Clearing weed growth, planting and install signage.
Sunday 26th March 2017 10am- onwards.  Edge path, wildflower reseed, Project completion celebration
April Onwards... Activities and maintenance will progress beyond the Meadow site in particular up the Cheshire Lines.

Extra dates will be added as the site activity progresses. You should check this website for revised times, amendments and any further information.  All activities start or take place on the Meadow site.  Any children should be accompanied by an adult.  We suggest you wear sturdy suitable footwear and clothing that you don’t mind getting a little muddy.  Sefton Meadows Garden Centre cafe is close by but I will endeavour to provide some light refreshments on site.  Any assistance that can be provided in the above activities is always welcome.  If you are able to help on any of the above dates, could you email me jc@photoreal.co.uk or text 07713158716 to let me know.  I can also keep you updated if anything changes.

If you have any questions, again please don't hesitate to drop me an email.  Below is a flyer with the above information.

Thanks for all you do and hope to see you all soon

John Callaghan
Merseyside North Volunteers