Ainsdale to Maghull Route 62/810 Inspection

On Sunday the 2nd of November, Dug, Norman and I cycled from Ainsdale and followed the Trans Pennine Trail south along the Cheshire Lines towards Maghull.  This was an opportunity to ride some of the route 62 and observe some areas where issues have been reported or potential hazards exist.  I'm glad to say that with a small amount of attention, many of the issues can be addressed quite quickly particularly in relation to signing.  An order for some signage has been made and this will lead the way for some future activities for all volunteers in the coming weeks.

Dug and Norman at one of the 'problem' signs that moves with the wind often pointing across the fields or in completely the wrong direction!

An area of confusion for many Trail users? Junction at the Coastal Road to be addressed with the addition of some 'confirmation' signage.

Sefton Meadows area due to be cut back in the coming weeks.
New gate system at the rail crossing at the Fishermans Path, Formby.