Those Brambles Fight Back!

The area of The Meadow to be cleared of brambles and overgrowth.

A slightly daunting task lay ahead on grey and blustery day today.  The focus, to clear the remaining brambles and brush in preparation for wildflower seeding, planting and installation of some of the benches.  The growth of branches and brambles in this section of The Meadow were probably the most established (and probably the reason clearing it has been left until last!).  But we jumped straight in with scythes, brush hooks and bow saws.  Hard but satisfying work and a few hours later (plus a few minor bramble scratches), the majority of the section was clear of the main growth.  One more work day and it should be complete.  Again, it was all positive comments and compliments from those passing by which is a massive encouragement as a volunteer.

Spring is certainly on its way and we will be keeping a close eye as things begin to wake up from their winter sleep.  I think the nettles will probably win the race and so will need careful monitoring and scything control to give the wildflowers the best possible chance.

Work all done for the day!