It's been a while...

So let's start off with a big apology for the lack of posting on the website here.  Seriously... things have been going on, but they have been a bit... let's say fiddly really.  I have posted a few bits and pieces on our facebook feed but perhaps not as much as I should have.  Sorry again!  Anyway this is the big bit of information from over the last months of non-web posts for the volunteers of Merseyside North... We now have a volunteer base on The Meadow area of Maghull in the form of a converted shipping container.

Winter seems like it has been going on for ages but it's starting to look like there are some signs of spring around.  With spring brings some more regular activities at the Meadow and around the Merseyside North region.  I'm currently forming a list of activities and jobs that would greatly benefit from volunteer involvement... Examples such as...
  • Regular litter picking
  • Wildlife and habitat management
  • Painting
  • Brush clearing
  • Planting
  • Sowing of Wildflower seeds
  • Bird house installation
  • NCN and TPT Signing in the area
  • Attending events to publicise Sustrans, The Trans Pennine Trail and the work we do.
  • The list goes on... any other jobs you can think of?
If you would like to be involved in any of the above, it would be great to hear from you.  We don't push for regular involvement however, whatever time you can offer is always greatly appreciated.

Just a brief post for now but please keep in touch for regular updates as we grow our activities.